Hello and welcome to Carluke Amateur Operatic Society (CAOS).

Meet the Committe

After our successfull production of South Pacifc last year, we are now looking forward to our 2015 production ALL SHOOK UP

We rehearse in Carluke Lifestyles every Monday at 7:30pm and we always make everyone welcome to the Society, new and old. Although the rehearsals and performances are taken seriously, we have a very good Social Side, from quiz nights to a night at the theatre, or really any excuse to party.

Our Society is made up of approximately 70 members of which 40 plus are active member. You do not have to be on stage to become a member. Many of our friends are "non playing" members who just like to help out, and believe me there is always plenty to do. The Society is run democratically, with office bearers and a committee that operate under the terms and conditions of our constitution.

What makes our production successful?

A dedicated Director, Musical Director and Choreographer.

A committed cast.

Our Patrons and helpers, which are too long to list, but they know who they are.

Not forgetting "behind the scenes". We have an experienced gang who ensure all props, lighting, scenery and technical settings are taken care off.

And finally to our audience, who, with their continual support, make it all worth while.

So why not be a part of it?

You DO NOT have to be able to read music or be "Pavarotti", just hold a tune.

You DO NOT have to be a budding "Sean Connery", just relax and have fun.


Email us or simply turn up on Monday at 7:30pm in Carluke Lifestyles and see for yourself.